Welcome to filterbrew, formerly Coffeekrave. Since 2011, we’ve covered the latest and greatest in coffee. Filterbrew publishes industry news, coffee maker reviews, how-to guides, and more. Our new website has a focus on design and the brewing experience itself. What makes a great cup of coffee great is not just what’s in the cup, but what happens before, after, and during brewing.

We believe that making better coffee is so easy, there’s no reason not to. Our goal is to cover the equipment, brew methods, and advice that makes this possible. No one should suffer through a bad cup of coffee.

Our Team

Daniel Foster | Editor-in-Chief
Daniel founded filterbrew with the goal of making great-tasting coffee more accessible to everyone. An entrepreneur at heart, he hopes to increase readers’ knowledge of coffee. Daniel is also a published photographer and loves traveling.

Robyn Straley | Contributing Writer
Robyn is a freelance writer, editor and a serious foodie. A native of Seattle, she has found a new home in Northern California where she splits her time about equally between hiking in the redwoods and typing in local coffee shops. In addition to writing for filterbrew, Robyn is currently working on a project to produce a short animated documentary—”Clipped and Tucked”—about her adventures in cooking recipes from antique cookbooks.

Keya Balar | Contributing Writer
Keya is a freelance writer whose interests include reading, editing photos and shouting at the TV. When she’s not writing for filterbrew, she’s working on screenplays for an animated webseries based on the “Chokeville” stories by Joshua Allen.