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The online reviewing community has created an unofficial tagline for the Espro Press: “all the flavor of a french press with none of the grit.

After a week of testing, my vote for a tagline would be . . .

{due to my inordinately strong love of alliteration, and my personal preferences for capitalization}

“All of the flavor of a French press with none of the fines.”

Fines being, accordingly to the ever-present Merriam-Webster on my desk, “very small particles in a mixture of various sizes.” Also known as grit, silt, sludge, sediment or mud. Fines are the reason that seasoned French press veterans hold off on drinking that last sip, and the reason that newbies end up feeling like their teeth are acting as an additional filter.


Espro Press



Espro Press: A Tale of Two Filters

If you read our guide to Choosing the Best French Press, you may remember that we selected the Espro Press as our indie alternative for their willingness to think: “outside the box (or more accurately, inside the filter) with their re-design of the French press.”

Let’s see if we can succinctly tell the tale of two filters . . .

The creators behind the Espro asked themselves: “Why does French Press coffee taste muddy?”

The result of their thought experiment is a dual-filter system (removing the need to use your teeth as the second filter).

The specs: A basket-shaped filter punches beneath the floating coffee, and does the majority of the dirty work. A disk-shaped filter follows behind, with a finer mesh than a standard French press.

The results . . .


Our Espro Press Review: In the Field

Without telling my significant other about the switch, I replaced our well-loved French press with the Espro. Apparently my hubby pays quite a bit more attention than I think he does, because he was confused. He asked what was up, and why there was no tell-tale sediment at the bottom of the cup.

At the end of the cup, when you use the Espro, there is a remarkable reduction in fines. Very little. Almost (but not quite) none. The flavor profile is full and clean.

{Full disclosure: I’m not a fan of paper filters. I like the full and buttery taste of a French press.}

The action when you push down reflects the genius of the design. Smooth and yet slow, reflecting the tight fit and seal. Very different than the feel of a curled edge of coarse mesh filter against glass.

I was trying to come up with the right words for the Espro, when I stumbled across this review: “Mercy, this is as fine a presentation of coffee as I know.”


The stainless steel vacuum insulated body translates to improved heat retention. The design is stunning. It was exceptionally easy to clean. The online complaints (there is some reserve liquid left in the bottom; fingerprints are noticeable) seem petty. The price is a bit steep ($69.95 for an 8 ounce single serve press; $99.95 for the larger 30 ounce press), but it reflects an investment in durable equipment that will last.

This is simply one of those rare and gorgeous moments when we can affirm that all that the process of tinkering on a classic design actually made an improvement.

The Espro Press is currently available on for approximately $70.00.

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Filter down your “fine”-est thoughts for us in the comments below . . .

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Jenni Jane

November 13, 2012

Great review of a great product. We love the Espro Press too, that’s why we are giving one away! We thought you and your readers might be interested in entering.
To enter, just visit and leave a comment at the bottom of the page answering this question:
“In your opinion, what is the most comforting coffee drink?”
But hurry! The contest ends Wednesday November 14th and 12 Midnight!
Good luck!


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