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storing coffee
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How to Store Coffee Properly

Coffee tastes the best when it’s made from freshly roasted beans, but of course we can’t all go out to get a fresh batch of roasted coffee beans every morning. Here are some tips on how to store your coffee beans and keep their flavor fresh.   Containers for Storing Coffee When you first get your coffee beans, it usually comes in an opaque, vacuum-sealed bag that keeps out air and moisture. To store coffee, get a container with a tight lid that can keep out both water and air. This will keep your coffee fresh for a longer time.

reusable k-cups
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Save Money with Reusable K-Cups

One of the biggest complaints about the Keurig single-serve coffee machine is that the plastic K-cups generate a lot of unnecessary waste since they’re immediately thrown into the trash after brewing one cup of coffee. If you brew a cup of coffee each morning using a K-cup, you’ll throw away 2,555 K-cups. The plastic waste generated by K-cups bad for the environment, but it’s also bad for your wallet if you’re spending money on plastic that will be thrown out anyway. For Keurig users who are concerned about their spending and the environment, there are many different brands of reusable

Espro Press
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Espro Press Review

The online reviewing community has created an unofficial tagline for the Espro Press: “all the flavor of a french press with none of the grit.” After a week of testing, my vote for a tagline would be . . . {due to my inordinately strong love of alliteration, and my personal preferences for capitalization} “All of the flavor of a French press with none of the fines.” Fines being, accordingly to the ever-present Merriam-Webster on my desk, “very small particles in a mixture of various sizes.” Also known as grit, silt, sludge, sediment or mud. Fines are the reason that

coffee filters
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Coffee Filters: Some Eco-Friendly Options

Does your morning coffee routine include a crisp, white paper filter? Close your eyes and picture yourself inside a coffee shop on a movie set. You are seated at a table, waiting on a drip cup of gourmet coffee. A waiter hurries over with your order, and then sits down and introduces himself as a member of “The Dirty Dozen.” Film buffs are going to wonder how Charles Bronson figures into an article on coffee filters, but this isn’t a remake of the classic 1967 war film. “Coffee Filters: The Movie” is more of an eco-thriller.   Paper Coffee Filters:

Thermal Coffee Makers
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Thermal Coffee Makers Keep Coffee Warm

  “Just about everybody has experienced it: you make a pot of coffee, get distracted, leave it on the heating element too long. And 15 minutes later, that velvety, bracing cup of coffee has turned into something acrid — liquid cinder in your mouth.” Amanda Hesser, Test Kitchen, New York Times. At CoffeeKrave, coffee rarely lasts long enough to require a thermal coffee maker. That said, our readers do have the occasional need to keep a pot warm. And we absolutely want them to avoid the liquid cinder taste that Hesser aptly dubs “the burner effect.” To add to the

Arabica vs Robusta
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Arabica vs Robusta: What’s the Difference?

Hearing people talk about the many differences between Arabica and Robusta coffee is like hearing people talk about the different tastes and notes in wine. I have no idea what they’re saying and I’m wondering why they’re not just drinking it already. I’ve decided to do some research so I won’t have to just stand there, smile, and nod when this topic comes up in conversation, and we’ve put together a guide to help you out too. Arabica vs Robusta: Taste We figured our readers would want to know about the difference in tastes before we delved into the background

how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee
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How Much Caffeine Is In A Cup Of Coffee?

If we were going to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions about coffee, Question #1 would probably be: How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee?   Pop Quiz How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee? a)      2 to 12 mg per cup b)      140 mg per cup c)       330 mg per cup d)      It depends If you answered “A”—you are drinking decaf. Answer “B” is the average caffeine content for an average size cup of brewed coffee. Answer “C” is a 16 ounce cup of Starbucks’s Pike Place Brewed. Answer “D” reflects the

nespresso pixie
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Choosing the Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

[box] Our Picks for the Best Single Serve Coffee Maker    Keurig B130 DeskPro Small, easy-to-use and affordable. Great for the kitchen or your office. Buy |   Keurig B40 This larger Keurig single serve coffee maker is perfect for a family of four. Buy |   Nespresso Pixie Nespresso is well-known in Europe for its gourmet single-serve coffee machines. Buy | [/box] Single serve coffee makers have gained popularity over the past few years. If you’re contemplating buying one, it can be difficult to navigate through all of the options. Here are some helpful tips for

where to buy coffee beans online
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Where to Buy Coffee Beans Online

Shopping on the web might seem like an activity better suited to buying sweaters than coffee beans. There are some amazing websites where you can buy gourmet coffee online, but finding those amazing sites can be tricky. The obvious choice when deciding where to buy coffee beans online is to go with a big brand name that you already know. But how do you find the indie roasters, the best of the best for a particular region, or the quirky companies off of the beaten path? We have a few tips and tricks to help you navigate your way through

Kopi Luwak
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Kopi Luwak: Just Say No

Kopi Luwak has been called the rarest, most unique and most expensive coffee in the world. In the movie The Bucket List, it’s Edward Cole’s (Jack Nicholson) favorite coffee. You may have caught a reference to Kopi Luwak in our Ultimate Guide to Gourmet Coffee on the Cheap, where Daniel noted that “gourmet coffee isn’t something shot out a cat’s ass.”  You may have also caught a very clever satirical reference in the video linked on our post on Being a Helpful Coffee Snob. The backstory behind Kopi Luwak coffee is not very Hollywood-glamorous. It starts with defecation and proceeds