Tassimo Vs. Keurig: Top Sellers


Keurig B50 Elite

This larger Keurig single serve coffee maker is perfect for a family of four.

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Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker

This single-server maker uses T-discs with bar codes to make a perfect cup of coffee each time.

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Tassimo vs KeurigMany people are looking for a single-serve coffeemaker, but there are so many options out there that it can sometimes get overwhelming. Two of the most popular brands are Tassimo and Keurig, but how can you possibly choose? It’s like choosing between two political candidates! …Okay, not really. But it’s still hard sometimes. Here is a comparison of Tassimo vs Keurig coffee makers to help you decide how to choose between the two.

Tassimo vs Keurig: Tassimo Pros and Cons

Tassimo vs Keurig

Tassimo Pros
Tassimo single-serve coffee makers use a T-disk, which can be easily bought at stores or online. The best part about the T-disk is that each one comes with a barcode that the Tassimo coffee maker reads. The barcode tells the coffee maker how much water it needs to dispense to make the perfect coffee drink. Some T-disks also come with diary inside them. This lets you make decent espresso or latte with one machine. The Tassimo’s performance is one of the best for single-serve coffee.
Tassimo Cons
T-disks are disposable so if your biggest concern is your impact on the environment, you’re better off getting a Keurig and a reusable K-cup. Because Tassimo can brew dairy drinks, it sometimes needs a separate T-disk of dairy to brew a cappuccino or latte. This means better taste, but it also means less simplicity.


Tassimo vs Keurig: Keurig Pros and Cons

Tassimo vs Keurig

Keurig Pros


Keurig single-serve coffee makers use a K-cup, which can be found at stores and online. There are over 250 different varieties of K-cups, and they’re not just coffee. You can buy K-cups that brew teas, apple cider and hot chocolate. Popular coffee brands also make K-cups so you can brew familiar coffee at home.
K-cups are disposable, but there is also an option to buy a reusable K-cup. This lets you use your favorite coffee and can also save you money if you don’t go out and buy a pack of disposable K-cups twice a month. This helpful review delves deeper into the prices of both the Keurig and Tassimo coffee makers.


Keurig Cons


Although there are a number of K-cups that are described as “cappuccino” or “espresso,” a Keurig machine doesn’t have the ability to properly brew a cappuccino or espresso. Each cup of coffee in a Keurig single-serve coffee maker is brewed under the similar settings, so it’s hard to get the ideal temperature to brew the perfect espresso. Unlike the Tassimo single-serve coffee maker, a Keurig machine can’t use a bar code to figure out how much water a coffee drink needs, and there’s also usually a minimum amount of water the machine needs to brew a drink.
According to another thorough review, K-cup brew sizes may be too small so you may use two K-cups for your morning cup of coffee.


Tassimo vs Keurig: Overall

Tassimo vs Keurig

Tassimo coffee makers seem to brew better quality coffee drinks, and a variety of them as well. If people in your home need a decent espresso or cappuccino in the morning and you don’t have enough room for two machines, a Tassimo coffee maker may suit their needs. This can also be good for the office if employees like to go out to get more intricate coffee drinks.

Keurig machines are good for the office as well since there are so many K-cups out there. Employees can choose a flavor of coffee that they enjoy instead of drinking what everyone else drinks.

Both machines are quick, but this great review goes into detail about the speed of the machines.

If you’re still having trouble choosing the best machine, here is another informative review that can help you decide


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