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Caffeinated at 30,000 Feet: Is It Possible to Make Your Own Coffee on an Airplane?

My philosophy toward airline coffee has always been, “Take what you can get and make the best of it.” Certainly the flight attendant would prefer I sit down, shut up and accept her meager brew. But it hit me– why can’t I make my own on the plane? Is it even possible? We set out to find the answer. Caffeinated at 30,000 Feet: Mile High Brewing Setups The constraints of a typical economy cabin don’t leave many options open. High-flying brewers need equipment that is a) portable and b) doesn’t require electricity. In this day and time it would take a brave soul

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The Aeropress Metal Filter: Does It Save Money?

The Aeropress has always been a favorite around here, but its reliance on disposable paper filters requires owners to stock up on replacements. A company called Able has come to the rescue with a reusable metal Aeropress filter. Its DISK filter promises to settle your filter worries for good, but how does it stack up cost-wise against the cost of paper filters? Can it save money? Whereas paper filters are cheap up-front, the DISK coffee filter is a more significant investment. The price for for 350 AeroPress micro filters is $5.02 on as of this writing. The DISK filter